D is for dog offers training and behavior consulting services to family dogs within the San Juan Islands of Washington, as well as business consulting to dog-related businesses near and far.  Located in Friday Harbor, serving San Juan daily. Please contact me to inquire about dates & travel fees to other islands or off-island.

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Puppy Class 

Reactivity Class 



 Good job! (Private Coaching Sessions) Where I teach you how you will train your puppy/dog. $99 each

Private coaching sessions are 1-hour, personalized training lessons in the comfort of your own home or in applicable public locations. Private coaching is available for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages. Perfect for first time clients, do-it-yourselfers, general training needs, new puppy parents or newly adopted dogs.

We will discuss your training goals via phone and/or email, develop a training program together in person and begin practicing in your first session. Each session includes an email outline the following day and a follow-up call or email 1-2 weeks later. We can schedule additional sessions however often you would like, to work towards your specific training goals*. Examples of common training goals:

  • puppy socialization, safe & pleasant early learning experiences that shape your puppy into a well-adjusted adult dog.
  • adoption counseling , guidance in finding a shelter/rescue dog for your family and/or integrating a newly adopted dog into your home/lifestyle.
  • skills & manners like “sit”, “come”, “stay”, and walking nicely on a leash.
  • behavior modification* for separation anxiety, resource guarding, reactivity, fear and aggression.

What are your training goals? Let’s talk!


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D is for dog proudly offers Project Trade discounts! Ready to learn about positive/force-free dog training? Get 10-15% off of your first Private Coaching Session for trading in old equipment. Click here to learn more.





Good dog! (Day training): Where I lay the foundation work and teach you how to keep up with it. Starting at $249 /week

Have you ever wished you could just hire somebody and not have to train your dog all by yourself? It is possible! This is my specialty service. Day training takes place in multiple 1-on-1 sessions with the dog throughout the week, where I do most of the training for you, update you via text or email, and the training is then transferred to you in a weekly session (included in package.) This training model affords you the most convenience and absolute best results!

Package Options:

2 & 1: two training sessions with your dog and one transfer session with you too. $249/week (25% off)

3 & 1: three training sessions with your dog and one transfer session with you. $299/week (30% off)

4 & 1: four training sessions with your dog and one transfer session with you. $349/week (40% off)

Day training is available on a case-by-case basis, depending on your training goals* and our established working relationship. A two week minimum is required to start. Due to the limited availability, there may be a wait list to book. Please begin with a private coaching session if you are interested in day training!


*Please note I recommended, sometimes require, that your dog visit a veterinarian before implementing a behavior modification program, as some training and behavior issues can actually be caused or exacerbated by medical issues or physical ailments. If you are looking for a veterinary behaviorist, who can work with you on both health AND training:

Dr. Sung at All Creatures Behavior Counseling (Kirkland, WA)

Dr. Pachel at Animal Behavior Clinic (Portland, OR)

Dr. Pathasarathy at Synergy Behavior Solutions (Portland, OR)


Other Portland, OR resources:

For private training, Katelin with Coexist Canine Coaching.

For puppy playgroups and group classes, I highly recommend Wonder Puppy. (NW Portland)

For adult dog playgroups, check out Doggie Business. (NE Portland)

Looking to adopt a dog (or cat)? Start with The Pixie Project.

I also recommend Pawdicures House Call Nail Trims!


Anchorage, AK resources:

Dr. Seymour at VCA on Lake Otis


Sit! (Daytime drop-in dog-sitting services for San Juan locals & visitors) $20-35

Have family visiting, attending an event, going off island? Contact me for 1/2 or whole hour drop-in visits while you’re away for long hours! Standard wellness check, potty break & play time. Feeding & medication at your request for no additional charge.

5-15min training refresher included for existing training clients!


Stay! (Overnight/extended stay dog-sitting services for training clients on San Juan Island) $75-95/night

Need someone to stay with your pup-pup AND keep up with your training program while you’re away? I’m happy to help clients stay on track with in-home overnight care as well. Daily training refreshers included, full sessions additional, price will vary based on training program.

Collecting mail, watering plants, etc. typical house-sitting needs at your request for no additional charge.


Speak! (Professional Consulting) Prices may vary.

Professional consulting is offered to dog-related businesses on or off the island(s), can be conducted online and/or in-person. Please contact me for pricing to fit you with the best consulting services for your business.

I especially love to work with breeders and rescues! Need your litter temperament tested? Want to update your puppy socialization protocol? Want to perfect the behavioral assessment for incoming shelter dogs, teach your volunteers how to train dogs to walk nicely on-leash or show your fosters how to safely handle mild resource-guarding? Let’s talk!

Dog walkers, dog daycares, groomers, veterinary clinics, dog-sitters, pet photographers, etc. can also benefit from working with a trainer – better your business by learning about training and behavior!


If you have any questions about D is for dog or if you’d like help locating a qualified, professional trainer in your area,  please email danielle.disfordog@gmail.com or fill out the ‘Contact’ form. I’d be happy to help however I can!



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