“We had a training session with Danielle. Our big puppy Mila was very responsive. She sent an amazing and detailed report about our training session, along with homework for us! Would recommend her to anyone.”

– Michele & Mila (Portland, OR)

“I can personally vouch for Danielle’s training. She is so friendly and loving towards animals and only uses positive methods. I saw a change in my dog after the first session and I learned a lot in the process. You and your dog will be in great hands!”

– Kristy & Lola (Santa Barbara, CA)

1901208_400112140151315_4685176811463513919_n“Danielle has been a life saver for me and my pup in a place where science based trainers
are few and far between. I trust her with my dog completely and more importantly, my dog trusts her!”

– Krystal & Lucy (Anchorage, AK)

“In the past three months, I have attended 12 of Danielle Haywood’s puppy training classes as a participant with my puppy, and am happy to attest to her skills as a professional dog trainer…. I appreciated her explanation of how treat training causes dopamine release in the brain and dogs can be trained to have the same response to a praise word. In all my years of training as a veterinarian, no one else provided such a good explanation for why treat training works. I am now able to share that with my clients when they question that method… She is the type of trainer that I as a veterinarian appreciate seeing in this career field since her foremost concern is for the dogs and their owners.”

– Susan & Paige (Anchorage, AK)


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