Here’s a bit more about my education, experience, and what D is for dog’s about!


After double-majoring in Social & Behavioral Sciences and Natural Sciences at Santa Rosa Junior College and also completing a trade school certificate program specifically for dog training, I studied psychology at University of California at Santa Barbara. I then earned both the professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA) and the behavior consultant (CBCC-KA) designations from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.  And I’m also a proud member of The Pet Professional Guild (previous memberships include APDT & IAABC)

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Continuing education is extremely important in this industry. The most recent seminars and conferences I’ve attended are:

  • Clicker Expo – Portland, OR – January 2017
  • Animal Community Talks’ “From One Professional to Another: Behavior Q&A” with Dr. Pachel – Portland, OR – May 2016
  • Jane Killion’s “Puppy Culture” – Canby, OR – May 2016
  • Grisha Stewart’s “BAT 101 for Dog Reactivity” – Anchorage, AK – June 2015
  • Clicker Expo – Dearborn, MI – March 2015
  • Dr. Anders Hallgren’s “Stress & Other Causes of Behavior Problems” – Anchorage, AK – February 2015
  • Association of Professional Dog Trainer’s (APDT) Conference – Hartford, CT – October 2014
  • Emily Larlham’s “The Building Blocks to Advanced Training & Companionship” – Wasilla, AK – July, 2014

Additional courses:
American Red Cross Pet Firs Aid
University of Edinburgh’s Animal Behaviour & Welfare

Like many people, I grew up around dogs and have always loved them. I began working with dogs in 2004.

My resume includes:

  • dog walking
  •  dog-sitting
  • dog daycare (as a dog handler and assistant manger)
  • dog boarding (including cage-free boarding & board-and-train)
  • private dog training lessons and behavior consulting
  • teaching group classes from puppy socialization to reactive rover, as well as single-topic workshops
  • mentoring new trainers
  • volunteering, fostering, and consulting with animal shelters & rescues (including conducting behavioral evaluations and providing adoption counseling)
  • husbandry training & enrichment at a couple of zoos with several species of animals


One of the biggest challenges that my dog training clients face is finding accurate and up-to-date advice on dog training and behavior. Often, they have, with the best intentions, followed poor advice on common training issues – and accidentally created or worsened behavioral problems in their beloved family pet. My professional goal is to help people and their dogs live happy, healthy lives together. For these reasons, it seemed due time to take on a blog and reach out via social media, to help bring quality information and sound practices to the public. I’m going to be screening the abundant, readily accessible online info to bring you only the best, I’ll be reviewing books and products, and I’ll be introducing you to some of the greatest dog trainers in the world. I hope you enjoy D is for dog! Feel free to comment, email me with questions, or request a blog topic by clicking ‘Contact’ in the main menu!